I am well trained interaction designer with good and valuable qualities required to be a designer which is going to give users a cruel smooth user experience. My ambition has always been to make it easier for users by designing simple and effective solutions in the best possible way. With research as foundation I’m dedicated to working data-driven to create positive user impact. With curiosity, empathy and open communication I thrive working in the design field. At the end of the day, my job is to represent the users involving them in decision making. Through 3 years of learning I have managed to gather in my bag a nice collection of knowledge regarding design, research methods, target groups, needs and requirements, evaluation, user tests and much more... I have also strived to learn to use the different methods and tools to design, test and evaluate digital products, services and systems.
Anticipating user needs and ensuring the interface is accessible,
understandable and easy to use
                                                                                      UX DESIGN
Creating meaningful and relevant experiences through human-centered design processes.
Creating prototypes of varying degrees of fidelity to capture design concepts to test on users.
Study of target users , requirements and create personas with scenarios to add insights in design processes.
Evaluation with representative users with the goal to identify usability problems, collect data and determine satisfaction.
Appearance, layout, content and front-end development.

Very good experience in coding in html, css ,java script and python

• Qualitative data collection such as interviews and workshops
• Quantitative data collection with surveys and System Usability Tests
• Defining user needs through user personas, customer journeys and impact mapping
• Defining goals and requirements for complex projects
• Designing interactive prototypes in Figma and Axure
• Planning and conducting task-oriented usability tests
• Working efficiently in cross-functional teams in remote and office settings


Adobe Creative Suite
• Axure
• Figma
• Microsoft Suite
• Miro

• 3D max
• Mural
• Whimsical
• Agile methods
• Microsoft Office

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