This project was made with own hand by using html and css from start to end in the all pages. 
The site has been created for a new tennis club that would soon open in Nybro,
through the club's pages, the owner wants to announce and tell about the club's equipment, tennis rules, membership and available courses in the club.

Objectives of the website:
- Show clear information and distinct pictures for the club.
- Share information and news about club activities.
- Be able to implement the various services and functions smoothly via the website
Target group:
According to statistics conducted by the client between Nybro residents, men are the vast majority who are interested in playing tennis, and can imagine participating in tennis courses aged 24-34.

Users needs:
-Being able to see what the club's equipment looks like.
-Being able to know what activities are in the club.
-Being able to see what times are available for booking in the club.
-Being able to find out courses periods in the club.
-Being able to find out the different prices for course booking, tennis courses and membership.

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