In this work, I have worked with finding a distance soultion for the gym pepole and coachs during Covid-19 pandemic. PT - TUBE is a web-based service that gives the personal trainer the opportunity to share different training programs with clients and control the different programs remotely; such as sending tips, help and encouragement in a smooth and fast way. The service would be a suitable solution during the current pandemic with the restrictions that apply in the present and aims to reduce physical encounters between people in general.

 The service helps the personal trainers to select or add programs for the clients completely at  distance without  needing to meet each other, the coach can also control and possibly change the programs without having to participate in exercises implementation, this is of course based on results reporting of the client. The coach can also adapt the program with pass number, replay number, etc. Based on the client's needs, goals or physical situation. The trainer also has the option to attach videos to the program, either videos that are published in Youtube or upload their own videos that act as an aid. in addition the personal trainer can supplement the video material with descriptions, workout number, rest time, etc ... to adapt the program in a more specific way to clients' needs and goals..

prees on the pic to se full prototype,
try logging in and checking out the different training programs 

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